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Product Management Suite
Case Summary


Global telecommunication brand engages UXArmy to build a product management software suite for usage by employees.

Case Summary


Research, Design, Software Development

Case Summary

Client Goal

Data communication and telecommunications equipment provider

We really like that your proactive team always has a user friendly solution, you give me options that deliver an engaging experience to my users and not show me the constraints. With UXArmy, we did not even need to define the user experience requirements - the experience our users needed was delivered without asking.


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools can boost efficiency, productivity, and team collaboration in product management, ultimately helping a business grow and thrive. While several Saas product management tools are available off-the-shelf, these tools usually cater to a set of common requirements. Adapting existing processes to the tools available and changing people’s behaviour and work styles pose significant challenges, especially in an established team environment. Moreover, security is a key concern, given the highly sensitive nature of internal, sometimes proprietary data.

To create a more custom suite of tools, the client’s team sought a UX design and development partner capable of delivering a product with delightful UX and process fit that employees would readily adopt. To deliver it, UXArmy was engaged to interview employees, design the interface, implement the tooling, and deploy it in the client organization’s secure cloud.

Services used by client:

  • User research to understand and clarify information flow and user expectations
  • Design of a user-centric interface well-received by staff
  • Software development of the web-based application

How did UXArmy do it?

To understand user behaviour and needs more thoroughly, UXArmy conducted user interviews with the client’s employees. Results and detailed studies of documents and their contents and their contents highlighted significant inefficiencies in the existing processes. For instance, information-sharing was mainly happening via combination of legacy softwares and standard data processing software packages. With clear user information and understanding in hand, the UXArmy team could articulate a successful information architecture that would better serve employees. Details of data abstraction and the required Interfaces between legacy applications were also designed for smooth integration of the new toolset.

Success in visual design hinged on meeting or exceeding user expectations for the interface. Our research had found that these expectations were extremely high. The interface was required to offer efficiency via multiple views based on roles, filters, and intelligence. The visual design needed to be contemporary and pleasing, but at the same time our UX experts needed to be mindful of interaction models. For instance, users should be able to navigate the tools with minimum switching between mouse and keyboard, actions that can disrupt active thought processes. The client was presented with two design signatures from which to choose. Further fine-tuning was done to fill any remaining gaps in user expectations.

With client approval on the chosen design signature, the UXArmy team selected a cloud-based architecture and developed on the most robust software stack available. UXArmy’s software development process includes software architecture, design, and code reviews, which enable us to deliver a high-quality software product. As our development process was agile, the client and other internal stakeholders was able to see the product and feedback as more and more functionality was built for the tooling

How did it go?

The Result

When ready, the suite of web applications was deployed in the client’s secure cloud environment. It underwent user acceptance testing, and additional fixes were immediately provided where needed.

  • Development of greater efficiency in product management process
  • Minimum onsite testing as a result of agile development methodology

Developing a detailed understanding of user behaviour and information flow is vital to develop useful software applications. UXArmy team of user research and software experts collaboratively work with users - as a result during implementation few minor requirements tweaks were required and final software delivery happened on time.

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