Futuristic Interface for a Value based Integration platform

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Case Summary


Worldwide provider of products and services in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) systems.

Case Summary


Research, Design, Development

Case Summary

Client Goal

Upgrade the user experience of its flagship products with a contemporary and efficient design

UXArmy team has completely nailed it. The immersive re-design will make a direct positive impact on our existing clients and prospects. With this new Design, we are confident that our product will become a game changer in our industry.


This global product and services provider wanted to continue to serve loyal customers while opening new markets and appealing to new user segments. With many large organizations using its existing flagship products, the client had to balance serving its current base and new customers while taking its products’ user experience to the next level.

Benchmarking the client’s products with their competition showed a clear opportunity to rethink the existing interface and its packaging. To truly distinguish itself from the competition, merely solving existing usability problems wasn’t going to be enough for these products.

The client tapped our UX team to work alongside its own product strategy team and shoulder the products’ UX front-end. As the front-end plays a major role in software product adoption, we supported the client in front-end design and development of its product refresh.

Services used by client:

  • UX research and interface design
  • Front-end software development

How did UXArmy do it?

A balancing act requires a clear definition of the challenge. To provide this clarity, the UXArmy team focused on creating a futuristic, fresh user interface that fit the future business model and still kept existing users engaged. The existing users were very accustomed to the existing UI, so it was key to satisfy them

With such a loyal user base and specific skillset requirements, UXArmy conducted research that included existing users of the products. To understand aspirations and existing usability issues, our team also interviewed internal stakeholders. In addition to providing analysis of customer support data, UXArmy also benchmarked competitors’ products.

Because the client’s products were complex and specialised, user researchers needed to properly understand them to design the research properly. Because users were located in several different time zones--and travel to each country was not a viable option--UXArmy conducted qualitative user research sessions remotely.

While our team’s user research findings did not currently show a great demand for a change in interface, we look to the future in making our recommendations. Interface trends are changing, and the client wanted to be posed to scale its business aggressively by serving new markets. Therefore, we proposed to overhaul the interface and also incorporate new technologies to make the product smart.

ConnectAll Initial Concept
Initial concept idea tapped into futuristic directions

We used the standard web services to implement the front-end software so that the User interface upgrades can be made at any point in future without making changes to the core software modules.

How did it go?

The Result

Because our team had collaborated closely, we were able to align quickly with the client. The proposed product design required only two design iterations. Now, the client is confident in its ability to beat the competition and build the capability to claim the Application Lifecycle management products space in the market for many years to come.

  • An immersive and fluid interface that looks and feels futuristic
  • Poised to outperform existing competition and be dominant in its industry

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